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Montreal Language Academy

The one and only learning center based on Canada Education System. Our resources and syllabi are meticulously selected and designed to correspond to each level and grade in Canada education system, and to compliment it.

Moreover, our teaching philosophy combines Canada surricula with creative learning techniques. Our goal is to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and creative learning in children.

What We Offer

A different learning experience

With a team of experts, we have prepared a unique system to help children go beyond average and become extraordinary.


The curricula and the syllabi that our teachers follow are based on proven materials to meet Canada educational system standards.

Regular Classes

Our courses and lessons are objective based. In addition to tutorial options, our programmes have long-term and short-term objectives.

Certified Teachers

Our teachers are university graduates and experienced in the field(s) they teach; and are trained to meet MLA teaching philosophy. .

Learning Engvironment

Although lessons are deliivered in virtaul classroom setting, the learning experience and outcome are similar to that of classroom.

Creative Lessons

Our lessons are designed to encourage creativity in production as well as creative learning in children.

Joy of Learning

Learning new topics and skills require drive and motivation. We are proud to use resources and techniques to make the process of learning with fun and buzz.

15 Years of Experience

Experience comes with years; knowledge comes with research and study. But quality comes with both. We are proud to provide exclusive high quality educational programmes.

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Request A Quote

Our Programmes and schedules are flexible to meet your needs. You can contact us to inquire about our current programmes and flexible schedules and courses.