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Soorena Lucien

Founder, CEO

Soorena is a cognitive linguist with a B.A in French language translation and a second B.A in Theoretical Linguistics from Concordia university in Montreal. He also has a Master's degree in Education/Applied Linguistics from Concordia university. His research interests are psycholinguistics, Phonology and Heritage Language Learning. More...

Faunus Teacher:

Our teachers at Faunus are all university graduates in education and langauge education.
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A Few Words About Us

Faunus educational objective and teaching philosophy

Faunus' teaching philosophy is based on two pedagogical pillars: exploiting egocentric cognitive abilities through sociocultural collaborative interaction for language development. Inspired by Piaget and Vygotsky's developmental process of language acquisition, we have formed a unique method of teaching that puts each child in control of their own learning to acquire correct language forms and practice its semantic and pragmatic aspect via communicating with their peers and teachers.

What is language?

It is important to understand that langauge is not an external entity to be learned. Language is the product of numerous brain activities. It involve our senses, feelings, perception, conception, judgment, reflection, cognition, and of course individual intellect. The unique ability to put all these and many other mental processes together to form a rule-governed string of words as a syntax and apply finite set of sounds to produce infinite number of words and sentences is the result of a protein thus gene (FOXP2).


How is language learned?

Since we genetically and innately inherit langauge, the methods and approaches we apply to acquire it should be different than other skills. Simply put, language is not a skill. It is the representation of our cognition, which itself is formed by internal and peripheral factors. At Faunus, we do not emphasis on the dichotomy of behaviourist VS nativist. Quite contrary, Faunus' teahcing philosophy unites cognitive approaches with sociolinguistic aspect of second/other language acquisition.

What We Offer