Smart Summer Camp

We have planned numerous SMART activities to help kids improve their English and French usign their creativity and cognitive competnecy. Learn more about our Summer Camp

Project "My Book, My Voice"

March 30 is going to be so exciting. Kids will upload their books on our online platform. Their work will be accessible online to the whole world

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Welcome to Faunus

Faunus is a non-profit organization, which has been established with the aim of helping primary and secondary school students with school subjects as well as ESL and FSL courses.


English and French courses are offered in an exceptionally innovative way to language learners. Faunus uses a unique language teaching methodology to facilitate language learning and make it enjoyable for kids.


Faunus makes use of highly skilled and experienced teachers for its courses. Curricula, syllabi, and materials are designed by a panel of experts totally based on every student’s needs. Classes are observed regularly to ensure our standard of high-quality teaching and learning.


The objective of Faunus is to create a cosy learning environment in which students feel at home and at the same time enjoy cooperative and individual learning.

Our Courses

Project Y-KIDS

Project Y-TEENS

High School Pathways

Project High Scholers