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Private classes are held on Weekends

Faunus private tutoring sessions are personalised and individual need-oriented lessons. Although Faunus' teaching philosophy is mainly based on sociolinguistics and, therefore, more collaborative learning, we do offer private lessons. The main objective of these provate lessons is confidence-building practice and exercises, scaffolding.

Our view towards private tutoring lessons is based on Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). Meaning, our teacher employ their knowledge and experience to help kids become independant learners and take control on their own learning.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
16:30-18:30Y-KIDSEnglishFrench 17:00-18:30Exam PrepEnglish 16:30-18:30Y-KIDSEnglishFrench 17:00-18:30Exam PrepEnglish 16:30-18:30Y-KIDSEnglishFrench
16:30-18:30Y-TEENSFrenchEnglish 18:30-20:00Exam PrepFrench 16:30-18:30Y-TEENSFrenchEnglish 18:30-20:00Exam PrepFrench 16:30-18:30Y-TEENSFrenchEnglish
17:30MiscFrench/English 17:00-20:00High SchoolersEnglishFrench 16:30-17:30Free ConversationFrench17:30-18:30English 17:00-20:00High SchoolersEnglishFrench 19:30Movie NightEnd of each semester

UpComing Events

Summer Camp

Information about Faunus Summer Camp. Our Summer camp is from June 25 to August 13.

Long Weekend

Good Friday (March 30) and Easter (April 02) Faunus is closed.

April 03, 2012

High Schoolers programme registration deadline. Registration form

March 30, 2018

We are super excited to announce the lounch of the books kids wrote during this term.